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  1. I watch your talk on Fox News regarding knee replacement. It immediately caught my eye & ears. My legs, knees to my legs, have been bothering me for the last 5 years. Last year, early September, I had an accident & fracture my femur bone on my left leg. They had to operate and insert a bone, my doctor assure me it is healing perfectly. But now both my legs still hurt from osteoarthritis, and from my knees. The doctor tells me I will need total knee repacement in 3 years time because my joint space is closing in my knees. My first question is can I get a knee replacement even with the bone inside my leg? Because I think the bone reaches very near my knee.
    I am an Asian woman of 66 years old. Right now I walk with the help of a cane.
    Thank you very much for reading my letter.
    Emma Yap

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