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Teaching To Teach

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Faculty Workshop

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School,
Boston, MA

Friday, May 1 – Saturday, May 2, 2009
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cambridge, MA

Objective: To enhance teaching effectiveness in Orthopaedics.
Course Directors:
Kevin Raskin, MD, Arun Shanbhag, PhD, MBA; Harry Rubash, MD

Guest Faculty:

Daniel R Pratt, PhD
Dan Pratt is Professor in the Faculty of Education and Director of Clinical Educator Fellowships in Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. In 1992 he received the highest award for teaching given by the University of British Columbia – the Killam Teaching Prize. Dr. Pratt is a regular speaker at AAOS meetings and is an Instructor in AAOS Educator Courses. In 1999 his book, Five Perspectives on Teaching in Adult and Higher Education, won the Cyril O. Houle Award for most outstanding literature in adult education. In 2008 he received Canada’s most prestigious university teaching award – the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

Jo Shapiro, MD, FACS
Dr. Shapiro serves as Chief, Division of Otolaryngology in the Department of Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is an Associate Professor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School. Dr Shapiro is Senior Associate Director of Graduate Medical Education for Partners HealthCare and Founding Scholar of the Academy at Harvard Medical School. She is on the faculty of the Harvard Leadership Development for Physicians and Scientists, and on the Senior Advisory Board for the Office of Women’s Careers at BWH. She has an active surgical practice treating adults with oropharyngeal dysphagia as well as general pediatric otolaryngology.

Session 1: Characteristics of a Superb Teacher

Keynote Address: Orthopaedic Surgeon as Educator
Daniel Pratt, PhD

[See here for Video and Slides of the talk.]

Panel Discussion: Successful Mentor Protégé Relations;
What are the Strategies for Mentoring? What works?
Moderators: Andrew Freiberg, MD and Kevin Raskin, MD

Panel Members:
Julius Bishop, MD; Thomas Gill, MD; Holly Johnson, MD; Henry Mankin, MD; James Monica, MD

Session 2: Best Practices in Teaching

Keynote Address: Teaching in the Operating Room
Daniel Pratt, PhD

[See here for Video and Slides of the talk.]

Keynote Address: Best Practices in Surgical Conference;
William Harris, MD

[See here for Video of the talk.]

Panel Discussion: Teaching: Pre-op; the OR and Post-op
Moderators: William Harris, MD and Daniel Pratt, MD

Panel Members:
Daniel Guss, MD; James Heckman, MD; David Lhowe, MD; Joseph McCarthy, MD; Bertram Zarins, MD

Session 3: Giving Effective Feedback

Keynote Address: Essentials of Effective Feedback
Jo Shapiro, MD

[See here for Video and Slides of the talk.]

Role Play; Case Simulation
William Tomford, MD and Michael Weaver, MD
Moderators: Jo Shapiro, MD

Session 4: Leadership

Chairman’s Roundtable: Strategies for Work-Life Balance
Moderator: Harry Rubash, MD

Reading Materials

  1. Pratt & Collins, Five Perspectives on Teaching. (See what type of a teacher you are. A very quick read; PDF).
  2. Pratt & Pinney, Guiding Education Principles (Nice summary, Read this if you don’t have time for anything else! PDF).
  3. Pratt, Teaching in the OR: Assumptions (Short Bulleted Summary; PDF).
  4. Pinney et al, Orthopaedic Surgeons as Educators, J Bone Joint Surg Am, 89: 1385-1392 (2007)(PDF)
  5. Pratt et al, Educational Contracts: A Basis for Effective Clinical Teaching, J Med Ed, 58: 462-467 (1983) (PDF)
  6. Cantillon & Sargeant, Giving Feedback in Clinical Settings, BMJ, 337:a1961 (2008) (PDF)
  7. Rudolph et al, Debriefing as Formative Assessment: Closing Performance Gaps in Medical Education, Acad Emerg Med, 15:1010-1016 (2008) (PDF)
  8. Sargent et al., The Quality of Life During Orthopaedic Training and Academic Practice: Part 1, Orthopaedic Surgery, JBJS (2009) – DRAFT

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